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Making The St.Victor Boogie

Southern Independent Riders' St. Victor Boogie.
The Assiniboia Times coverage of SIRs Annual St. Victor Boogie
Southern Independent Riders' St. Victor Boogie happens Father's Day Weekend in the Sylvan Valley Regional Park.
Southern Independent Riders' St. Victor Boogie is open to all riders on Father's Day Weekend in the Sylvan Valley Regional Park.
Southern Independent Riders' St. Victor Boogie

The St Victor Boogie. Host to the masses. Friends to all. Comradery and brotherhood at its finest. Welcome to the party!

Some might say things have changed. It has, and thanks to the determination and drive of riders from all corners of the country, the party lives on for another year. Friends and brothers unite once again to rekindle the flame and share stories and past times to the veterans and the newcomers alike, as if one year is an extension of the last. Raise your drinks and celebrate with us as we reflect on how “you” have helped make this a success for over 38 years!

From the early days of a simple Led Zeppelin 8-Track playing from an El Camino to a deafening roar of live music from the center stage, you can say the party rolls on strong! A small group of friends gathered in the quiet campground nestled in the Sylvan Valley and never imagined that this was the beginning of something great. Many years later, the campground plays host to a thousand of your closest friends. The live shows echo across the valley well into the night, and the light from the fire pits cast over the young and old engaging in stories and tales of yesterday. New friends are only a fire pit away.

The Boogie has seen its fair share of weather, but the determination of all that brave the elements always find their ray of sunshine at the gates. Motorcycles of all kinds crest the final hill to the valley, and from the roar of the first engine, you know the fun is about to begin. Once you enter the gate, the campground is your home for another Father’s Day Weekend. Find a spot. Set up your tent, and let’s make it another successful year! Without “you”, it wouldn’t be what it is today.

The event doesn’t begin until Friday and many travelers arrive early to take advantage of the prime camping spots, but there is always room for neighbors. The park can fill up quick, but we’ll always find room for everyone. The more, the merrier. During the weekend, you will experience great people, live music, burnt rubber, amazing scenery and a Saturday dedicated to a bike rodeo of games and events for all.


You can enjoy the weekend in the park, or ride the badlands and take part in the local delights. Nearby towns and businesses are always excited to see a parade of bikes and will certainly appreciate the business.

RV camping is allowed outside of the main gate only and is a short walk in to the grounds. Support vehicles are not permitted into the grounds during the event, as it is a “ride-in” only weekend. Due to the congestion and walking traffic, it is preferred to utilize the Southern Independent Riders to transport any necessary gear or equipment into the campground if you have arrived without a motorcycle, or if you are having a hard time walking into the grounds, someone will be happy to scoot you in as well. This is a weekend for all that ride, all that appreciate and all that just want to come out and have a great time!

There is a small fee at the gate for the weekend festivities which covers the Regional Park access starting Friday through Sunday. As many are aware, the Southern Independent Riders are non-profit and utilize the event to play host to charities and support local business. We thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you all there this year and the next!

Thank you!

The Southern Indeeppendent Riders' St. Victor Boogie.
The Southern Independent Riders are a non-profit group that fundraise with the St. Victor Boogie on Father's Day Weekend.
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