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Southern Independent Riders' St. Victor Boogie History.
Southern Independent Riders first St. Victor Boogie captured in the Assiniboia Times.
Christmas Toy Run through the streets of Moose Jaw.
Southern Independent Riders' St. Victor Boogie

The Southern Independent Riders


It's akin to highschool parties- drinking beer around the campfire with your friends until the sunlight burns into your head to let you know the night is over. The laughter of friends muted by Black Sabbath crackling through car speakers not intended for the sustained volume... These are the moments that we all wish would carry on longer, and sit and reminisce about as we lose the freedom to find the time.  A small group found a way to have that epic journey continue in St.Victor, and have enjoyed its growth in popularity for decades now- It was to become the annual St.Victor Boogie.

By 1983 they finally got their act together enough to form The Southern Independent Riders. With SIR now properly organized- from it came the Boogie- not only an ongoing tradition, but an opportunity to give back to the southern communities. Expansion and growth of the club along with the tradition became an event. With the word getting out and more people showing up to participate, SIR grew in number.

Even though many of the men and women that make up the membership of SIR come from a varied list of backgrounds- with a common passion for motorcycles, they became an extended family at heart. Lawyers, Parole Officers, Nurse & Bank Managers with their Goldwings, Harleys & Dirt Bikes filled the ranks of the club and worked with one another to improve the communities of the south and giving help to the children of those families.


When they started this long, strange trip- proceeds supported the Orange Benevolent Society of Saskatchewan and donated until their closure. Over the years, SIR has given back to the small towns that they grew up in with playgrounds and local parks with play structures with donations exceeding the $50,000 mark.

Presently, the money raised at the SIR Boogie goes towards the Glad Tidings Bible Camp, Sylvan Valley Regional Park/ Broken Arrow Youth Centre & Camp Woodboia.

SIR's Toyker Run collects new unwrapped toys from the riders to be donated to the Assiniboia Salvation Army. The run tours riders through the small surrounding towns and returns to the clubhouse. Each Christmas, the toys  and money raised are distributed to the less fortunate families by the Salvation Army. Many of the SIR members attend other toy runs across Saskatchewan in the fall, continuing to collect and donate funds to support the Christmas Campaign.


Healthcare receives SIR's support with donations towards medical research. They also provide financially towards the Clint Nicholson Memorial Scholarship for students furthering their education in the field of agriculture the life blood of southern Saskatchewan. Collectively, SIR has raised over $345,000 and contributed it back into their community, including over $7500 to sponsor events promoting the safety & sport which ties the SIR members together. Motorcycling. Recently, the new paving on the road into St.Victor Park has become another initiative of the group- making the event slightly more appealing after the remote chance of rain on the father's day weekend.

From a small handful of party goers, the SIR have grown into an organized community support group that started innocently, and simply with a $500 cheque in 1983.

The Southern Independent Riders appreciate the support of all that come to participate in our events and the growing show of generosity of the motorcycle community . We offer a sincere thank you for the help we have seen over the decades and hope that we can continue to give our support to those in our community. We consider you all family after so long, and proudly hold the event to gather around the camp fire and pick up the party for yet another year together. 

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